Published on November 29th, 2012
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6 Things To Look For In A Warehouse Provider

It’s surprising how high the number of people is who believe that all they need in a warehouse is a large windowless building. Naturally, life is not as simple as that, and there are actually a multitude of factors that should influence your decision. Here are five aspects of any warehouse provider that you should consider.

6. Space

Of all the things you need to consider when reviewing a warehouse, space is probably one of the most important features you will consider, and the one that you will spend the least amount of time thinking about.

And why is that? Because the warehouse will need to have enough space to store everything that you might ever want to even consider storing, which is something you can determine with a simple walkthrough of the space that you will be renting.

This looks like a large warehouse, but it’s actually the entirety of Chrisanne’s bottle cap collection.

5. Security

Depending on the product you are storing, you can require a crazy amount of security, to the point where warehouse employees can’t go to the bathroom without being monitored, or you can hire a single security guard to monitor a single camera. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you find yourself on, it is always a good idea to maintain at least a minimal amount of security.

Most warehouses will provide at least some security, the level of which is dependent on the individual warehouse, but if you so choose, you can hire your own security force to guard your wares. Maybe it’s time to give that paramilitary group some work.

Don’t worry. We got this.

4. Technology

What are the technological capabilities of the warehouse? Different warehouses have varying degrees of automation. Some are entirely automated, with machines assembling packages and conveyor belts arranging inventory. Others are run entirely by people, a bustle of activity as they organize inventory and prepare packages. Most warehouses will fall somewhere in between.
Some of the technology that most modern warehouses have are: robots, conveyor belts, assembly machines, and an online inventory management system.

If you’ve ever watched Doctor Who, you can see why this might be a bad idea.

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