What is Logistopedia?

What is Logistopedia? It’s a better way to learn logistics.

We understand that the logistics and supply chain industry can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes. Where do you even start? How do you start importing, or ship goods to your customers? We’re here to simplify things for you, and to help make logistics easier to digest.

Brought to you by the experts.

We’re a dream team of logistics and supply chain professionals, digital artists, graphic designers, web designers, videographers and animators.

User Experience, User design, and Ease-of-learning

Why do we emphasize so much on design? A lack of content nowadays isn’t the issue- it’s how it’s presented, taught and organized. You shouldn’t need to go on a wild goose chase to learn about logistics, or spend hours trying to dig through the clutter. That’s why Logistopedia was made for you.

Worldwide collaboration.

We’re in the process of partnering with firms across the world as well as universities to provide you with the latest knowledge. We’re always looking for contributors to our site! If you are experienced in this industry and are passionate about helping others and sharing knowledge, please contact us!

Free, free and free. Did I mention free?

We believe in providing quality content, and we’re relying on you to help share it! The more followers we get, the more great content we’ll be able to provide.

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