Published on September 27th, 2012
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How Do I Manufacture In China?

Planning to manufacture in China? Manufacturers are as varied as the different businesses that require manufacturing. And with China being the hot bed of all things manufacturing, where does one even begin? Here are 5 steps to get you started.

How to Manufacture in China:

1. Start online

Online resources are great to help you get jumpstarted in coming up with names and contacts. Some sites to help get you started include,, and But don’t stop here! Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of flippantly choosing a company without adequate research and they receive a flippantly-made product. So how can you verify a manufacturer’s reliability?

2. Investigate, investigate, investigate.

When you find some promising manufacturers, go ahead and ask them to provide you with one or two references. There’s no need for a comprehensive list of their clients, but if they can’t even cough up one genuine reference, don’t take your chances. On top of this measure, look into 3rd party Chinese supplier verification. There are many different organizations that will check the conditions and legitimacy of the factories you are looking into.

3. Get comfortable

If you can, go and actually visit the manufacturer in China, tour their facilities and ask questions. If you don’t feel comfortable or if questions are dodged, don’t be afraid to trust your gut and bail. You aren’t on contract yet, and like they say, business contracts are like marriages but more binding. So trust is a must.

4. Other avenues

Another way to find manufacturers are to attend trade shows where factories showcase the products they are making. Ask around and see what companies are able to accomplish what you envision. Additionally, getting connected to small business networking groups in your local area of operation could provide valuable connections to the manufacturers that they are using. So not only are you building business connections, but you are getting peer reviewed guarantees on the manufacturers you are introduced to.

5. Seal the deal

Once you have found a manufacturer that you are comfortable with and matches your needs, you can go ahead and start drawing up agreements. Be sure you have detailed descriptions of every part of your product on hand. And perhaps even more important, be sure you are protecting yourself legally so you don’t find yourself at the butt end of a loophole you forgot to close. This site and article is a great place to start.

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