Published on August 7th, 2015
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Logistics Import and Export Laws for China


his guide will help you better understand the laws, rules and regulations for importing and exporting to and from China to prevent you or your company from running into some serious problems.

Logistics including both import and export from and to China can be an overwhelming process and without the right resources, knowledge and experience, you may find yourself overwhelmed and making some very costly mistakes. Whether you are shipping food, materials, animals, equipment or chemicals, you must make sure your items will make it out of the origin country and into China without violating any laws.

Below, we will highlight some of the most important laws regarding both importing and exporting to and from China.


Logistics is a critical component for any business importing or exporting products to or from China, especially considering your business relies on the products or components that are being exported. Your companies supply chain can easily be disrupted by blindly trusting a logistics provider to arrange the transportation of your companies goods. Ensuring that you select a well known logistics provider with the knowledge and experience in Global Supply chain will contribute to your companies success and will ensure that your products make it in or out of China without any problems.

There are thousands of small logistics companies in China that call themselves freight forwarders and export trade brokers, most of which are companies looking to make a quick buck without taking your companies needs into consideration. It’s always best to work with a freight forwarder within the United States because they already have established relationships with qualified brokers in China and most importantly are up to date with the latest regulations for importing and exporting to and from China.



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