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Published on September 12th, 2012
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LolCats and the Supply Chain

Today, my friends, we descend into the lunacy and sheer awesomeness that is the LolCat Universe. Within, things are not as they seem, and even the most rigid of rules in our universe may not apply to theirs.

I have gazed into their universe, and even visited it upon the LolCats’ invitation. And after all of the mind blowing revelations about the Nyan Cat, the prophecy of LongCat and the TacGnol, and the nature of the universe, the cats encouraged me to bring the information I had learned from observing them, and spread the word, so that humanity might rise up and march forward toward a brighter tomorrow. I can never reveal the exact nature of any LolCat innovations, for they are at once both the most terrifying and the most astonishingly beautiful things I have ever seen. I can however, give humanity a vague description, a coarse rendering in unfit words, and hope that together we can one day achieve the glory of the Cat’s civilization. The Cats have branded me their prophet, and I shall speak their Word.

The LolCat world, like ours, has products and packages that need to be delivered. The greatest of the Cats’ scientific minds came together, and developed a highly lauded, prize-winning concept known as the supply chain. This simple, but highly effective concept helped propel their civilization from its already impressive level to outstanding new heights.

And though our world already knows of the supply chain, our knowledge is but an echo, a mere resulting of the bleeding through of universes due to the prophecy. I am here to remedy that. A simple overview of the LolCat supply chain will hopefully provide the impetus for a new Renaissance in our supply chain world.

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