Q: Can I write for Logistopedia?


Judging from the general maturity level, you can write for Logistopedia if you’ve graduated from middle school. However, since writing well is not something that can inherently be learned, we generally don’t look too closely at your education (you should still stay in school), but at what your writing style is like, and whether it fits what we do here at Logistopedia.

As of now, there are no female writers, because Steven thinks they’ll give him cooties. Getty

Anyway, we’ll probably need more writers once we’ve grown a bit (we’re still developing right now), so just concentrate on honing your writing skills, don’t commit any major crimes, and when we can hire more writers, we’ll be sure to let you guys know.

Of course, you’ll have to pass the “challenge of fear” before you can be hired. I can’t give you all the details (because that would take away most of the fun), but the challenge involves Jackie Chan, an empty elevator shaft, cows, and the musical Cats.

No, not marriage, but it’s almost as horrific. Getty

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