Q: I just started selling a product I make out of my garage…

Should I look into supply chain management? Or would the benefits not outweigh the costs for my operation?


In general, supply chain management is highly beneficial for most businesses, with a few small caveats.

The beauty of hiring supply chain management specialists is that you are hiring people trained specifically to handle any and all situations that are inherent to most businesses. Among other things, supply chain managers oversee the entire process of procuring raw materials, overseeing product manufacturing, and delivering the product to customers. Some even offer tiers of service, allowing you to be as involved or uninvolved with the process as you’d like.

The only time you should reconsider hiring a supply chain manager is when you are an extremely small business that mostly works out of your own home. The cost involved in that situation would most likely outweigh the benefits.

Otherwise, it would be a good idea to look into supply chain management. The benefits and savings (both time and money) of streamlining your operation will far outweigh the costs to you.

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