Q: What’s the best way to get retailers…

like Target and Walmart to carry my product?


Unless you manage to successfully blackmail them, it would be nigh impossible to get large scale retailers like Target and Walmart to carry your product right out of the gate.

“I know how you can afford to keep your prices so low, Mr. Walmart.” © Getty

The best way to get them to carry your product is also the long way. Get in touch with several local retailers. Convince them to stock your product; you can do this by either offering them free samples, and/or holding product demonstrations within their store, among other tactics. This serves as a litmus test to the profitability and marketability of your product.

If your product is good, people will buy it, and you will be establishing a good sales record. Leverage this record to get your product into several more small retailers, perhaps in more distant locations.

Continue that process until you have a long, good track record of success. Then, you can feel safe in approaching the Targets and Walmarts of the world about carrying your product. If they accept, hooray for you! You win…something. If not, you at least have multiple stores selling your product, and making you some money.

If you are absolutely adamant on getting into Target and Walmart, you must make consumers believe that your product is indispensable. This can be done by furthering your reach into ever newer markets, as well as creating a great ad campaign that will build awareness of your product.

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